The Internet has the potential to become the most powerful marketing tool ever created. Never before has a single marketing platform been able to project the influence of a company, organization, or an individual to an instant worldwide audience.

The Internet is a whole new facet of the marketing arena. While it shares some principles of effective marketing through other mediums, it has many characteristics that make it unique.

Creating an effective Web presence is much more complicated than simply developing a fancy Internet site with lots of bells and whistles, images and icons, movies and sounds, etc. Like other methods of marketing, an Internet program must be developed with a thorough understanding of the overall business objectives of the on-line business owner. It requires complete understanding of the principles of marketing in general, and of the unique principles of internet marketing specifically. Without this important foundation, your web presence will be ineffective at best, and potentially destructive at worst.

WebbResources employs the lastest in web technology to develop and host your web site. We use SQL database engines to host your products, allowing easy additions, deletions and updates to your offerings.

We employ server-side preprocessing using PHP and Perl, and client-side preprocessing with JavaScript. Based on your needs, we can even provide complex product searches -- we can even make them geographic-specific.

Advertising on WebbResources can reach thousands of qualified prospects almost instantly. If required, we can include email automation, to email directly to registered prospects who have requested notification of new product releases.

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