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Before the World Wide Web made graphical access to the Internet possible, computers on the Internet understood only typed commands (much like DOS). Telnet was (and is) a way of connecting to these computers and typing in these commands.

Typically, you gained access to these computers from a "terminal" - a simple computer directly connected to the larger, more complex "host." Telnet software is "terminal emulator" software - that is, it pretends to be a terminal directly connected to the "host", even though its connection is actually made through the Internet.

Now that the WWW has become the preferred way to access most resources, Telnet is seldom used, except for special applications, system administration, and to access archaic systems.

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The Latest Software


NCSA Telnet
This is the standard telnet program that allows you to access computers over the Internet.

An alternative freeware telnet client for Macs.

Hytelnet is a hypertext interface for telnet that will help you reach library catalogs, freenets, BBSs, Gophers, WAIS, etc.


Hytelnet (MS-DOS)
Hytelnet gives IBM-PC users instant-access to all Internet-accessible library catalogs, freenets, BBSs, Gophers, WAIS, etc.

Hytelnet (Windows)
This program provides a Windows interface for Hytelnet. You can download the database and Windows interface at this Web page.

Telnet Guides

Telnet Tips
This document includes tips on telnet commands, logging on and off, and so on.

Telnet Browsing and Searching

Allows you to search for and use Web accessible library catalogs.

What's New with Telnet

Subscribers of this list will receive Hytelnet updates.

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