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Search Engine Submissions

The Internet, just like any industry, is all about being found. You can have the best hosting solution in the world, but without proper search engine placement, your site will go unnoticed by potential clients. This section is dedicated to providing you with some useful information about using search engines to make your Internet site more accessible to potential clients, or in other words creating a "findable" online presence.

Search Engines can be one of the most helpful and effective free Internet tools available for advertising your web site to the world. An effective listing on a high profile search engine can often be the difference between your company being found by potential clients or remaining a mystery on the Internet.

There are two main ways to add your web site to search engines or directories:

These methods are both discussed below.

Submission Services
Literally hundreds of companies have been created to simplify the process of submitting your web site to multiple search engines at one time using a single submission form. We would like to point out one such company that offer excellent submission services, including limited free submission services.

NetAnnounce is an easy-to-use service that provides quick submission to the top search engines. NetAnnounce offers several services including a free submission service along with its Gold and Premier services.

Other submission services include:

Do It Yourself
The trusted way to submit your web site to the search engines is to complete the submission form for each individual search engine (see the short list below). Although still effective, this process can quickly become quite time consuming, especially if you are adding your web site to numerous different search engines. However, despite the time necessary, many companies still choose to follow this submission route in an effort to take advantage of the different specifications and search criteria of the individual search engines.

All Search Engines are not created equally
The individual search engines are fashioned using a different set of criteria for searching the Internet. Some search engines send out "spiders" that crawl the Internet searching for information to add to their databases. Other search engines search the "meta names" found in a web site's source code, while other search engines document the first 200 words of text found in a web site. Since there are so many different sets of criteria that search engines use, there is unfortunately no simple solution for getting the top listing in each search engine. Because of this, we recommend that you implement a variety of techniques including:

Develop a consistent paragraph that accurately and concisely describes the services your company has to offer. Use this description paragraph in the submission forms for the search engines.
Title Some search engines simply search based upon the title listed in the HTML code of your web site. Because of this, your title should accurately describe what you want the customers to know. For instance, a customer using a search engine to find Virtual Servers will likely find "Pete's Virtual Servers" before it finds "Pete's Page" - even if Pete has lots of information about Virtual Servers in his page and meta names.
Meta Names Meta names are a listing of keywords that outline the services and products your company has to offer. These meta names should be placed within the head section of the source code of your document. For more information on these, please view the meta names contained in the source code of any web site.
Body Text Since many search engines simply search the first 200 or so words of a web site, it is important to include as many of the keywords you listed in your meta names in the beginning body text of your web site. For companies seeking to market Internet hosting services, care should be taken to include reference to these services in the beginning of a web site's entry page.

Major Search Engines
Over 95% of all links come from the following locations:

For more information about how to get a better listing in each of the specific search engines, you may want to visit our Search Engine Experts section.

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