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It has been said that the Internet is like a huge public library with no card catalog. The following collections and search tools represent the efforts of many individuals and organizations to improve access to information on the Internet. Each site is organized differently, so it is your choice to decide which site is the most efficient for your style of inquiry.

Some sites provide references across many applications (such as the WWW, Gopher, and FTP) and others concentrate on cataloging the growth of the World Wide Web only. Think of each link below as a starting off point, as they all provide hundreds (even thousands) of choices of where to go next.

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Subject Indexes

This comprehensive subject index has been around since 1994 and is a great place to browse for Internet resources. You can also search the titles of sites and comments or access other popular search tools. Yahoo for Yahoo!

GNN's Whole Internet Catalog
This resource catalog is a revised and updated version of the bestseller The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog. The WIC is an excellent place to start because sites are carefully selected and reviews include interesting tidbits and useful hints.

Magellan: McKinley's Internet Directory
Magellan is an online directory of reviewed and rated Internet sites (Web, FTP, gopher and Usenet). You can either browse or search the Magellan. A green-light icon indicates which sites are appropriate for general viewing.

Point Communications Top 5% of Web Sites
Point Communications regularly rates and reviews what it considers to be the top 5% of web sites.

Starting Point
This site is a popular place to start exploring the Internet. Selected links are arranged by topic.

The WWW Virtual Library
This online library offers a useful subject list of links to WWW resources.

TradeWave provides a comprehensive list of WWW, Gopher, Telnet, and Wais resources which you can either browse or search.

Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
These guides gather diverse resources into useful subject guides; you can also search the fulltext of the guides.

Yanoff's Special Internet Connections
From this page, Scott Yanoff lists links to resources on many topics, from agriculture to the WWW.

For a comprehensive list of lists of Internet resources consult the NCSA Internet Resources Meta-Index and Starting Points for Internet Exploration.

Search Tools

Alta Vista
One of the simplest, fastest and most comprehensive search utilities for the World Wide Web. This search engine offers either simple or advanced Boolean (and, or, not) searching and phrase searching, date limiting and ranks results. Alta Vista also includes a full-text index of newsgroups updated in real-time.

Search Infoseek's extensive index of fulltext web pages. Unless you subscribe for a fee, you can only access the top 100 hits for each search. However, search results are ranked and relatively accurate. You can also search InfoSeek's directory of reviews of popular Internet resources (Web, FTP, Gopher and Usenet).

This catalog of the Internet includes one of the largest databases of URLs, a directory and critical reviews of popular sites. Lycos doesn't include Boolean searching capabilities.

Open Text Web Index
Open Text indexes fulltext web pages and is one of the most comprehensive, flexible and fast search engines. You can conduct simple searches, or more complex Boolean, proximity, and limited searches, or weighted searches.

From this site, you can search one of the largest databases of fulltext web pages - updated weekly - and the past 2 weeks of Usenet news. Excite allows you to search using keywords and concepts. You can also read a collection of Web site reviews.

WebCrawler searches web page titles and contents and returns a sorted list of links. WebCrawler is easy to use and now capable of simple Boolean searching (and, or).

MetaCrawler: Unified Web Search Engine
This unified web search engine queries the Web's most popular engines for you, collates and verifies the results.

Savvy Search
You can conduct a keyword search and Savvy Search will contact up to 5 Internet search engines, gather information from each source, then return the linked results.

InfoMarket IBM Search Engine
From this easy-to-use, web interface, you can use a single query to scan several databases simultaneously across the Internet. The infoMarket service returns a single, relevancy-ranked results list.

Search.com from c|net allows you to search over 250 engines, listed by subject areas. It does not enable you to do a multiple engine search with a single command.

Scout Toolkit - Search Tools
The Scout Report provides a good overview of search terminology and thorough reviews of many popular search tools.

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