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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC allows you to chat in realtime on the Internet. Following are links to some of the best IRC resources on the 'Net.

The Latest Software | How-to Guides |IRC Networks and Channels

The Latest Software


Ircle allows you to open many channels at once, displays the names of current channel users, includes helpful instructions, and more.


Popular, quick, easy to use, and is available for Windows and Windows95.

How-to Guides

How to Chat
This page for beginners includes links on jargon, etiquette, software, guides, chat schedules, and more.

Chatter's Jargon Dictionary
Includes a dictionary of codes, abbreviations and acronyms used by chatters, emoticons, and chatiquette.

A thorough guide to IRC for beginner to advanced users. Instructions written for mIRC.

Want to find out more? Then visit Yahoo!'s Chats and Forums page.

Finding IRC Channels and Web Chat Areas

This multi-network IRC search engine allows you to find and join any of over 20,000 channels on 30 networks. Also features IRC guides, lists of the most popular channels, statistics, and more.

Forum One
A guide and search engine for online discussion forums on the WWW.

Search and browse a directory of Web forums.

Yahoo! Net Events
A listing of the day's Web chat and other live events on the Internet.

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