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Net Mechanic
Free online tools that you can use to check your HTML, links, spelling, browser compatability, and more.

Frame Shop
Specify the size of frames you'd like and the Frame Shop will provide the HTML code for you to save. Try TableMaker to automatically make tables.

Web-counter Homepage
Provides simple instructions for creating an access counter for your Web page and includes a gallery of digit graphics styles.

The Counter.com
A free counter and tracker that doesn't display banner ads on your site.

Web Clip Art
Hundreds of links to clip art arranged by theme.

Yahoo!'s Web Page Design and Layout
Links to many sites with icons, backgrounds, clip arts, and more.

Web Page Development Software


Using an editor makes HTML easy and reduces your chances of making silly errors. PageSpinner is a good shareware choice for a beginner.

BBEditLite Text Editor
If you'd like to use a more advanced editor try BBEditLite.

Graphic Converter
This shareware converts graphics from one format to another, (even Windows formats), and will make GIFs interlaced and transparent.

A shareware client-side imagemap editor for Macintosh and Windows.

Imagemap Help Page
This page explains how to create imagemaps using MapEdit.

Big Brother
Fast and simple to use freeware HTML Validation tool.


HotDog Web Editor
HotDog is considered to be one of the best HTML editors and this commercial software is currently available for Windows 16- and 32-bit.

A good shareware HTML editor.

This editor is easy to use, inexpensive, and has lots of features. A good choice for beginners.

GIF Construction Set (shareware version)
Use this to make GIFs transparent, interlaced, animated, and more.

If you'd like to see what other Windows tools are available, see the The Consummate Winsock Apps List which includes great reviews of each application.

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