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HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) is the software language that makes the WWW work. If you're eager to start creating your own WWW pages, or are simply curious to see the building blocks used for the pages on the WWW, these guides provide a good foundation.

Introduction to Web Design
An excellent step-by-step HTML tutorial with clear instructions, explanations and links to relevant Web sites. From the Web Developer's Virtual Library.

HTML Goodies
Joe Burns has written many HTML tutorials for beginner to advanced Web developers. Learn everything from basic HTML, using colors and tables to creating CGIs and Java programs. There are also hundreds of ready-made Javascripts and images you can use.

D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
Here, you'll find tutorials and links on various aspects of HTML. Material is oriented toward Windows users.

Beginner's Guide to HTML
This is a popular introductory guide to HTML. You'll be building your own Web pages in no time.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML
This page lists HTML tags for quick reference.

The Browser Safe Color Palette
Lynda Weinman, author of several Web graphics books, provides palettes of Netscape's 216 colors arranged by hue and value with codes listed for each color. These palettes take a while to load but they are useful.

Netscape's Web Site Journal
Features articles and tips, plus many links with useful information for creating and promoting your own Web site.

Web Review
Articles on the technical and design aspects of Web page creation.

Personal Web Pages
Brief articles, links to interesting personal homepages, as well as tips on creating and embellishing your own homepage.

This c|net site offers information and instructions for all skill levels. The "HTML Tips and Tricks" section features lots of good pages for beginners, while scripting, programming and server articles will be useful to more advanced Web developers.

For even more, check the Webmaster Reference Library, the HTML Writers' Guild: WWW Development Resources, and the Web Developers Virtual Library pages. No matter what you're looking for related to HTML and WWW development, you'll likely find it at one of these sites.

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