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FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one way to downloaded cool things from the Internet. The most popular FTP applications are listed below, together with some information about how and where to use FTP.

The Latest Software

Although you can use FTP with your Web browser, there are also specialized programs for transferring files and decompressing them.


This easy-to-use software comes with a collection of bookmarks that point to many Mac FTP sites.

Fetch is another popular Mac FTP application which allows you to retrieve files with ease, and also comes with a set of bookmarks for useful Mac FTP sites.

Stuffit Expander
If you don't have it already, this is a must-have for dealing with most files you'll retrieve. It will decompress/decode files that you get using any Internet application.


This tool allows you to access and search Archie more easily.

A stand-alone FTP client with many options and features. CuteFTP is available for Windows and Windows95.

WS-FTP is a useful client which helps you to download files.

Using A Windows FTP Program -- WS_FTP
An easy lesson on using this shareware FTP progam. Learn to download files via anonymous FTP, and connect to your home directory to upload an HTML file and a graphic.

Download this Windows front end for easier decompression of files with PKZIP.

Guides for FTP

Multimedia File Formats on the Internet
This is an excellent and extensive beginner's guide. It covers downloading files, concepts of various file formats, ways to use the files, and software. Although this guide is intended for DOS and Windows users, the general information and concepts are equally useful for Mac users.

Anonymous FTP FAQ
The Anonymous FTP FAQ and its companion list of FTP sites is maintained by Perry Rovers.

Common Internet File Formats
Eric Perlman offers a quick reference table of filename extensions and explains what each is, and has links to software for dealing with each file type. This page is mainly intended for Macintosh computer users. From 1995.

Searching for Shareware

Search for shareware, browse the most popular files, find downloading tips and tools, and more.

Another shareware storehouse for Macs and PCs from c|net. You can search for programs, browse them by category and read highlights.

ZD Net Shareware Library
Includes ratings and reviews for hundreds of shareware programs.

JUMBO Shareware Archive
Lots and lots of shareware arranged by type (business, games, home and personal, utilities, etc.).

For more, visit Yahoo!'s Software: Internet section.


Mac Orchard
Includes a list of the most vital Internet applications and links for Macintosh Internet users, along with Internet software reviews by users. Updated frequently.

TUCOWS is the "The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software", plus a good collection of Macintosh shareware too. Shareware is arranged by topic and each entry includes key facts, a download link and a brief description.

The Ultimate Macintosh
This collection of the best Macintosh pages in the world includes a section on Internet software.

Also visit the Info-Mac HyperArchive and ZDNet's MacUser's Software Central.


The Consummate Winsock App List
Winner of a Best of the Net award, this well-organized site includes links and reviews for the newest versions of Winsock applications, such as client software and helper applications. This is the best place to visit for Windows and Windows 95 software.

"The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software", plus a good collection of Macintosh shareware too. Shareware is arranged by topic and each entry includes key facts, a download link and a brief description.

Yahoo!: Shareware: Microsoft Windows
Includes many links to Windows, Windows 95/32-bit applications, WindowsNT Internet software sources Application-specific tools

References to specific software tools are contained within the individual sections on email, the World Wide Web, Gopher, Usenet (newsgroups), and Telnet.

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