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Electronic Mail (Email)

It's estimated that last year, Internet users sent six billion email messages. This section organizes resources we've collected about the most popular and widely-used application on the Internet.

The Latest Email Software | Email Guides | Dealing with Junk Email | Free Email Addresses |
Finding Email Addresses | Discussion Groups/Mailing Lists

The Latest Email Software

Macintosh and Windows

Eudora Light
Eudora is a popular email client which allows you to read, manage and send messages, and more.

Configuring Eudora
Find help for downloading a copy, configuring the important stuff, and sending your first messages. There are also links to other useful Eudora tips pages.

Email Guides

Everything E-mail
Find everything you wanted to know about email: tips, terminology, discussion lists, finding email addresses, autoresponding, redirecting email, software, international resources, and more.

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
Wait. Before you send that email message, read this style guide.

Visit our Netiquette page for more on email etiquette.

Email - the Mining Company
Articles and links to email resources on many topics: beginning email, finding people, free email, greeting cards, privacy, and much more. Updated weekly.

Accessing the Internet By E-Mail: Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access
Did you know that you can access almost any Internet resource using e-mail? Bob Rankin explains how to access FTP, Gopher, Archie, Veronica, Finger, Usenet, Whois, Netfind, WAIS, and the World-Wide Web using simple commands via email.

Dealing with Junk Email

TipZone - Spam
Is your electronic mailbox clogged up with junk email? Before you pull out your hair read these tips and FAQs on filtering your incoming email to automatically trash unwanted messages and other ways of dealing with junk email.

Unsolicited Email (SPAM) Issues
This Everything E-mail page briefly describes email and provides links to software tools you can use to stop junk mail and anti-spam resources. A good place to start.

Email Abuse FAQ
Useful answers to frequently asked junk email questions.

Free Email Addresses

Free Email Address Directory
Would you like to communicate by email but you don't have your own email address? Get a free email address using one of these online services.

Finding Email Addresses

WhoWhere? is a fast and simple to use search service for people and organizations on the net. Search using initials, full or incomplete names in any order, organization keywords. WhoWhere? will present you with a list of possible matches ranked in order of relevance.

Looking for a person's email address? Try Four11, one of the Internet's largest white pages directory, now part of Yahoo! People Search. If you're searching for a Canadian email address try Canada 411.

Offers free email addresses and forwarding. Search BigFoot's large database for email addresses.

Find email addresses, addresses, businesses and more.

Internet Address Finder
Search for addresses and email addresses, and add your own information.

Info Space
Find email addresses, addresses, businesses, fax numbers for the United States and Canada.

World Email Directory
A good source for email addresses in Europe and Asia.

FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
David Alex Lamb covers WWW search tools, as well as other techniques for finding email addresses, finding host names, and commercial networks.

Discussion Groups/Mailing Lists

E-Mail Discussion Groups/Lists - Resources
Instructions for subscribing, unsubscribing, receiving digests instead of individual messages, and so on for Listserv, Majordomo and Listproc discussion groups, plus related links.

Search and browse a directory of mailing lists.

This is a searchable directory of email discussion groups with thousands of entries.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
PAML is an up-to-date index of mailing lists arranged alphabetically by name and by subject.

Lists can be browsed by host site, country, and size. Subscription information is provided, as is each list's configuration. While this site is used extensively by list owners, it also provides useful information to potential subscribers.

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