One of the most difficult phases in the development of a web site is the conceptualization of the project. There are many valid reasons for setting up a web site, including, but not limited to:

  • Establish online sales
  • Create sales leads
  • Generate product interest
  • Inform the public
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Enhance customer service
  • Provide technical support
  • Perform testing or research

This form is not intended to obtain all of the information needed to build your site, but only to get a high-level feel for the project and to estimate the resources and time that might be required to complete the project. Answer each questions as best you can, given your current understanding of the requirements. Once your project is initiated, your development team will spend a good deal of time researching your product, your competition, your objectives and your goals. Not until we're both comfortable with these factors, will we commence with the development phase.

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Approx # Pages: (If uncertain, try estimating the number of pages according to the number of services or products you provide, then add at least five pages for basic contact and information areas.)

Project Summary:
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Current URL:
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existing site) 

Although the information in this section is optional, it is very helpful in determining the scope and requirements of your project. Please supply as much of it as you are able to, with your current level of undestanding of your requirements.

Web Forms: (Anticipated # "form" pages [like this one] that will be needed in the project. Leave this set to "Unknown" if you are unfamiliar with this term.)

Database Pages: (Anticipated # "database-driven" pages that will be needed in the project. Leave this set to "Not Known" if you are unfamiliar with this term.)
Number Images: (Anticipated # images that will be needed in the project.)

Services Needed:
(Check all that apply)
Domain Registration(s)
Graphic Design & Layout
Flash / Shockwave
Administrative Interface(s)
Website Hosting Services
Streaming Media
Web Site Promotion
e-Commerce Solution
Site Maintenance

Features Needed:
(Check all that apply)
Unknown / Undecided
Sales Inquiry Form
Discussion Forums
Resource Directories
Document Sharing
Photo Galleries
Private Areas
Multilingual Support
Shopping Cart
Interactive Tools
Visitor Tracking
Geographic Searching
Batch e-Mail Capability
Secure Server (SSL)
Credit Card Processing

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